About Dr. Yung

Dr Yung is a senior of print media and broadcast media.  She worked for Asia Magazine in 1967 and was invited to join the founding team of Reader’s Digest Chinese Edition in 1968.  In the 70’s she has hosted various programmes of lifestyle magazine and public affairs for Rediffusion (Hong Kong) Limited, Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) and Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK).  She also hosted talk shows for Commercial Radio Hong Kong (CRHK) and RTHK.  In 1983 she was appointed as the first controller of Asia Television Limited (ATV) by Mr Deacon Chiu Te-Ken. 

Dr Yung was appointed as director of CH Apparel Ltd for trading of famous French swimwear and American sports apparel and shoes from 1983 to 1989, and became a self-employed R&D manufacturer for high-end European fashion brands thereafter.  However, she continued to be the guest host of a variety of popular RTHK radio and television progammes from 1984 to 1994. 

In 2008, having undergone the sunset of the manufacturing industry, Dr Yung had originally considered to live a joyous retired life with her son and daughter in England after her 60th birthday.

Just a month before her 60th birthday, the disastrous earthquake of Szechuan awakened all the Chinese souls. Dr Yung seeked for her children’s understanding and joined the Hong Kong and Taiwan medical teams to help relieve the victims of this massive catastrophe.

Her volunteering experience completely changed her value of life.  She tried to follow the foot-prints of her grandmother and father, who used Chinese herbs to heal the native villagers of Stanley from early to mid-20th century. 

Although Dr Yung is a Bachelor degree holder of Traditional Chinese Medicine, admittedly she had realized the limitation of her medical knowledge. She decided to withdraw from all business activities and to spend her modest savings to study Naturopathy abroad.  She earned dual qualifications as Naturopathic Physician and Homeopathic Physician from American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB).

In early 2012, she went to UK to study the 1-38 Bach Flower Remedies system which was discovered by Dr. Edward Bach and she is the first Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner in Hong Kong. 

On 15th July 2012, she rejoined the RTHK family as the host of a live broadcast Holistic Health Care programme on RTHK Radio 5 every Sunday morning from 7 – 9am.

At present, she devotes herself whole-heartedly to Holistic Health Care Management Consultation; as well as to serving as council member of Hong Kong China Naturopathic Medical Society and director of course development and education services for the Internship of Hong Kong Academy of Naturopathy.

Bach Centre‧Mount Vernon‧Oxfordshire‧England

Dr. Gerda Kunz‧Samuel Hahnemann College

University of Beijing